We joined forces with Un Mundo Mejor

Children of Mexico is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Un Mundo Mejor, a like-minded NGO dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children in Mexico. This partnership holds great promise, opening up opportunities to extend support to additional Mexican organizations and rescue more children from the hardships of life on the streets!

About Un Mundo Mejor
Un Mundo Mejor, founded by Ursula and Mart Hutten, is a foundation passionately committed to enhancing the well-being of disadvantaged children in Mexico. Despite not having children of their own, the Hutten couple deeply appreciates the innocence, creativity, and uniqueness of every child. Witnessing the uneven distribution of opportunities for children worldwide, they decided to channel their legacy into supporting the youth in their cherished Mexico. This dedication aims to contribute to creating “Un Mundo Mejor” – a better world.

We eagerly anticipate a fruitful collaboration and invite you to explore more about Un Mundo Mejor.